Flat Rate Pricing

Why this makes sense for you
Flat Rate Pricing means there is an exact price for almost every Service/Repair we provide. The plumber arrives at your home and makes a diagnosis of your problem. Most of the normal service work we do is then quoted from a menu of services. This enables you to know, before the job begins, the total cost of your repair options. In turn, it allows us to help you make an informed decision. With Flat Rate Pricing you know and agree to the price. No matter how long it takes, the price will be what you were told upfront. The job will be done with quality and concern, to completion.

Why our customers love flat rate pricing
Has this ever happened to you? You have a plumbing problem, so you get out the Yellow Pages, and you start calling plumbing companies in order to get an idea what the repair will cost. After about 30 minutes on the telephone you are totally confused, and you think all of the people you have been talking to are total idiots. They tell you that it is so much per hour plus materials. When you ask them how long it will take and how much the parts will cost, they just hem and haw, and won’t give you a straight answer. You are thinking, “Surely they must have some idea.”

A big problem with “time and materials” billing is that there are some technicians who work fast and some who work slow. You should not be penalized because the “luck of the draw” won you a technician who works slow.

The truth is that the person on the telephone does not know what the repair will cost until it is accurately diagnosed. Trying to pinpoint a problem on the telephone is like a doctor trying to write a prescription before he examines the patient.

Here at Waters Plumbing we have advanced to the flat rate method of pricing our services. This offers the customer many advantages.

  • The main advantage is that you will know the total price of the repair before the technician does any work.
  • With flat rate pricing you can be offered options. You can know what it would cost to repair the item, replace the item, or upgrade the item.
  • You can prioritize your repairs. You may have several plumbing items in your home that you feel need attention. With flat rate pricing, our service technician will diagnose all problems, give you a written commitment on the price of each repair and a total for all repairs. Then you can decide how much you want to spend at this time, and prioritize your repairs.
  • We charge a nominal diagnostic fee for our service technician to come to your home, diagnose the problem, and give you a written commitment as to what repairs will cost before we start the work. If you decide to have the work done, we will waive the diagnostic fee.

Our prices are based on Waters Plumbing’s many years of experience, and allow for the typical parts and time factors that we have gathered in our data base.

In other words, we eliminate the guessing game of what is exactly the problem and what it will cost you to repair it. There is no sudden shock, as there can be when a “time and materials” company hands you the bill.

It is no wonder that our customers love flat rate pricing!