Evaporative Cooler Service Agreement

evaporativecoolerEvaporative coolers require routine service including, spring time start up to prepare for the cooling season and fall shut down to prevent freezing and possible damage to your cooler, water line, plumbing and your house. The Waters Plumbing Heating and Air “Cooler Service Agreement” provides worry free maintenance for your cooler by letting us perform these vital start up and shut down services for you.

  • Summerization includes removing the cover and checking the condition of the pads
  • Cleaning the cooler and oiling the moving parts
  • Checking the belts
  • Check and adjust the float
  • Connecting the water and checking for any leaks
  • Any parts needed to get cooler ready for summer will be discounted by 15%
  • Winterization of cooler includes installing the cover
  • Draining and disconnecting the water line
  • 15% discount on all parts
  • Customer will receive priority service (normal hours only)
  • 10% discount on purchase of new cooler when needed