hvac980x433Almost everyone knows that by keeping your heating and air conditioning equipment running at peak performance you can reduce your energy costs.  But did you also know that the same care will extend the life of your very expensive equipment, which also saves you a lot of money?  Call Waters and get on our maintenance plan today.

Other ways to save money on heating and cooling is the add or upgrade your house insulation.  Here at Waters we can look at your insulation and see if there is something more that would save you money.  We also suggest caulking and weatherstripping where needed to save energy. Also, there are a variety of programmable digital thermostats that we can install to help you save money.

If you need new equipment we will come and give you an estimate at no charge. Today’s HVAC equipment is much more energy efficient than just a few years ago.

If you need a repair, call us today. Our technicians are clean cut and professional. They have the special tools and know-how to do the job the right way the first time.

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